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Welcome to Cretec Cybernetics

Your partner for Factory Automation – Our cutting edge solutions Machine Vision & Robotics

Cretec Cybernetics is specialised in machine vision-based automation solutions and multidimensional image processing. Cretec Cybernetics was created from the merger of Cretec GmbH and VisionOnline S.L. to provide a pan-European response to globalized and local industrial production companies needs for better, faster and more reliable inspection solutions.

Intelligent and digitally interconnected systems are the technical basis for this. With the growing help of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, we today solve tasks, that seemed impossible yesterday. We match modern industrial robots and cobots perfectly into cutting-edge machine vision based solutions for handling, inspection and assembly.

Here we are. Let’s go.


Videos & photos

What a great OpenHouse in Büdingen, Germany!
Check out our videos. 

Follow link to interviews in  Spanish Magazine Interempresas. 

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first day

Open House
12 Nov 2020

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second day

Open House
13 Nov 2020

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third day

Open House
13 Nov 2020

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Small video projected in the Open House

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Alex Trebing
Introduce Cretec Cybernetics

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