Open House | Büdingen

Open day at Cretec Cybernetics in Buedingen (Germany). I met a lot of interesting people, good live demonstrations and finally had live conversations again.

Industry 4.0 / IIOT
– Networking of an industrial plant directly with the user’s SmartPhone
– Direct feedback of the robots from the SmartPhone request
– Parallel display on the screens of the plant – combination of requirements in the data world with transport of events into the physical world

Fast OCR Reader
– Code reading and plain text reader
– 16 parts per second – hygienic enclosure
– Food industry
– Pharmaceutical industry

– Fully automatic system for 360° inspection of test pieces 40x40x40mm
– Up to 5 parts per second
– 7 cameras 5 MP resolution – sorting in IO/nIO boxes

Robot & vision in harmony
– Flexible part feeding
– 3D vision control
– 2D vision control
– Sorting IO/nIO boxesç

– “you can’t do it without”.
– Bin picking in perfection
– 3D colour images
– Robot removes coffee capsules
– Industrial robot takes capsules
– Industrial robot operates the coffee machine
– Control via SmartPhone,