Advanced Factories 2021

This June Advanced Factories 2021 opened its doors with a totally different scenario. With hydroalcoholic gels, temperature control, few handshakes and a multitude of smiles kept under the masks because of the desire to return to a certain normality. The number of visitors over the three days was indicative of this.

Cretec Cybernetics presented itself as such at the 5th edition of Advanced Factories 2021, showing a multitude of innovations in artificial vision.

With our EasyPalletizer moving boxes through machine vision and our CoffePicker serving coffees to diners the fair was presented in an unbeatable way, customers, friends and family came and went to visit. But the jewel in the crown was our Roboteranlage, with its three Qbics that combined provide one of the best solutions on the market.

The main qualities of the Roboteranlage are:

Ultra flexible inspection
360° vision with 7 cameras
Machine vision systems with 3 telecentric optics
Airborne inspection and ejection
Safety with industrial radar

Here you can see the Advanced Factories 2021 video!

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