Werkstattwagen von Cretec Cybernetics: Tools for your Solution

Tools for your Solution

As specialist for machine vision and robot technology we know our market and manufacturers very well. We build turn-key automation solutions and full functional sub-systems matching your application requirements by combining machine vision, robotics and automation technologies.

Close partnerships with leading technology manufacturers combined with our competence and experience are the basis for our work. We are technology-open and assure to use the best fitting and most efficient components. By means of our own experience from distribution, manufacturing and system integration, we qualify each new technology and component thoroughly.

Proven, Reliable Quality Tools


Structured light is the key to successful machine vision. Without the physical basics of light, no reliable application can achieved. Software development can be reduced considerably, by selecting the correct light setting from the start.

Cameras & Sensors

Industrial cameras, intelligent smart cameras or sensors, are the technical foundation when designing a vision system. If compact intelligent smart camera or full-blown multi-camera system, expert knowledge is crucial. Resolution, frame rate or interface are only three of many dimensions. Above that, we take into account the specific product characteristics and implement all of that for maximal client value. We have experienced and applied close to every camera-sensor issue in person.


The optics contribute decisively to the performance of modern and effective inspection systems. „The devil is in the detail“ as a German saying goes. The lens needs to match perfectly to the camera sensor, the mount, the available mechanical space and of course the wavelength of the light. We work with few but fine partners, focussing on the technical best fitting solution at the most competitive price.


Software combines the hardware components into a team. Control, decide, communicate results on time into industry 4.0 networks… We put a lot of emphasis on usability in order to put you in control while providing an unparalleled user experience – for each user the fitting human-machine-interface (HMI). Both classic algorithms as the new possibilities of AI are in the tool box – decisive is the correct team play of the methods.

Robots & Cobots

Precise, powerful and fast robots or smooth assistants aiding with handling of components. The market is dynamic and specialization is ever higher. For us robots or cobots are another tools to be mastered within the value chain of modern automation. Our QBIC platform offers the ideal ground for fast and easy-going integration.

System Integration & Machine Building

Experience in distribution, manufacturing of components and the development of special hardware have taken us ever closer to the place of action, the final site of operation. Our Tool Box is filled with high-quality products for system integration. The QBIC platform is the basis for fast and sustainable machine building. Each QBIC module is maximally mobil and is combined on the workshop floor with other modules to form your machine.