The result is only as good as the quality of the individual elements

Our specialists in vision & robot technology implement new added value with the greatest creativity. The specific know-how combined with the ability to assess the whole, makes our solutions appear as if they were cast from a single source.

Our software lets technology play together, software as an interface to people.

Handling technology, designing with technology.

We think it’s an art that ultimately expresses our aesthetics on and with the product,

Technologies Cretec Cybernetics

Check high-tech components we apply into your custom-fit solution.

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A perfect picture: correct details, perfectly timed, coordinated with the evaluation for your task´s

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Light - Everything Starts With light

Choosing the right lighting for your application


A lens that fits the task and resolution

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& Cameras

The fundamental device in our applications. Creates a digital copy of the real world inside our system. The perfect camera for the perfect image

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Processor platform

Efficient, reliable and well integrated in the overall system. Modules with scalable performance ensure your success

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Software tools

For processing, making decisions and operator guidance.
Combines the technology into an overall concept. In the service of your mission

& CoBotics

Our solutions integrate exactly the right robot that fits your application best. Whether a fast and precise industrial robot or a smooth-moving, easy-programmed Cobot as perfect assistant to humans.

Technologies Cretec Cybernetics

PLC technology

Machine control at its best. The PLC is the central controller for the entire machine, from feeding to part expulsion. In service of your mission.

Cretec Cybernetics Markets

Mechanics & handling

Check beautiful things with beautiful systems!

Our modular QBIC design is not only incredibly flexible and can be quickly modified for new tasks – it also looks very attractive!


See Cretec Cybernetics solutions for different markets and industries

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Know-how is the basis for our Added Value. Both within the company as in our interaction with our partners and customers. We believe that the best projects emerge from a collective effort to implement technology.

Vision Solutions are highly complex systems requiring cross-technology knowledge of optics, electronics, mecanics, neumatics, robotics, handling and software.


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See Cretec Cybernetics solutions for different markets and industries