This solution manages to combine several options into one.

Cretec Cybernetics QBIC standard allows for fast implementation of your sorting and quality control tasks for small and medium sized components. Separating, feeding, handling, optical inspection, classifying to OK and NOK.

to adapt

Adaptation to a new part type is simple with our “Cyberpicker” software attachment parts.

Flexible use in
any combinations

Due to its shape and design, almost any compact robot can be installed.

Safety system with radar

The radar system installed in the QBIC enables the operation of an industrial robot without the need for a protective enclosure.

Inspection from
all sides

Up to 7 cameras are installed in the inspection area of the system. Check operation modes in the brochure, please!


Sorting device cell. QBIC Flexibowl boasting the new highly flexible separation system using a robot or QBIC Vibrant offering high cycle times using a classic vibratory bowl.


Fit for industrial robot or cobots. Industrial robots can be run without cage, due to high-end industrial safety radar: Robot slows down progressively and stops if security perimeter is invaded. Re-starts automatically when perimeter is cleared.

Vision Control

With 7 cameras: Vision System using three CORE telecentric optics for measurements from all angles plus Cretec Chamäleon lighting, with dark-field, low-angle and dome effect, all in one device, even for the cams operating from an angle. Inspection and air-pressured expulsion with OK and NOK boxes all totally integrated into the QBIC.

Laser Marking

Laser marking cell equipped with laser protection cabin, for manual or automatic marking processes.

Multiespectral IA

Universal inspection cell. Auto-teach minimizes expert knowledge required to zero. Manual or automatic feed inspection cell using AI algorithms.