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QBIC is our modular, standardized, easy-moveable platform for a variety of applications. It’s hexagonal, patented design makes it not only incredibly flexible – it also looks very attractive.

QBIC modules for:

End of Line Test (EOL) - Resident QBIC

Fully integrated flexible separation, handling, inspection and classification solution for small to medium size components.

Sort & Check - X.Sort QBIC

This solution manages to combine several options in one.

Press Hardening – HOT

HOT solution unifies in one system all inspections and process controls that hot forming requires. CQI-9 and Industry 4.0-ready.

OCR / OCV Reader – FastReader

OCR/OCV and 2D-code inspection and verification solution for fast and very fast processes. Up to 20 reads per minute.

Electrical Connectors – PinInspector

3D measurement and verification solution for high-quality, high-precision electronic connectors.

3D Picking CAD – EyeT+ Pick

High performance bin-picking. 3D system for random bin-picking.

3D Picking AI – EyeT+ Flex

EyeT+ Flex is the AI-based 3D vision system that solves the problem of automated picking and sorting for logistics in a fast and efficient way.

2D Picking – CyberPick

Separate and individualize components or products quickly and efficiently with flexible feeding systems. And if you can’t find the part, don’t worry, CyberPick will take care of it.

Pallets – PaletControl

Machine vision system that inspects the quality and integrity of pallets.

Flexible Feeding – Flexibowl

Separate and individualize components or products quickly and efficiently.

Some of our
solutions in action