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Cretec Cybernetics offers complete machine vision based turn-key automation solutions.

Problem analysis, project planning, electric and mechanical construction, PLC, data base, GUI and machine vision programming, commissioning and after sales service, all from Cretec Cybernetics, one stop.

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QBIC solution platform

QBIC is our modular, standardized, easy-moveable platform for a variety of applications. It’s hexagonal, patented design makes it not only incredibly flexible – it also looks very attractive.

QBIC modules for:

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We help to grow profitable business by implementing quality and processes control solutions with optimum TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
See solutions that Cretec Cybernetics as technology partner can provide you.


Separate and individualize components or products quickly and efficiently with flexible feeding systems. And if you can’t find the part, don’t worry, Cyber Picker will take care of it.


Thermal imaging cameras for body temperature measurement have high sensitivity and accurate calibration with real-time correction by means of a black body.


Hot solution unifies in one system all inspections and process controls that hot forming requires. CQI-9 and Industry 4.0-ready.


SurfShaper is an integrated surface inspection system that allows fully automatic, high-precision detection of surface defects, regardless of its angular position.


Modular machine vision system inspects pallets and pallet accessories as rubber knobs, thus making sure only fully functional pallets are put into service.


Multi-spectral technologies that enable many different solutions with infrared or ultra-violett light, seeing things human eyes can’t perceive.


3D measurement and verification solution for high-quality, high-precision electronic connectors.


High performance robot-guidance and picking system for the most challenging separation and feeding processes in industry.


OCR/OCV and 2D-code inspection and verification solution for fast and very fast processes. Up to 20 reads per minute.


Fast throughput 2D- and 3D-high-precision shape verification, with AI (Artificial Intelligence) implementation for degree of browning. 


Construction brick and tile inspection system for damages, shape verification and color deviations detection.  



Fully integrated flexible separation, handling, inspection and classification solution for small to medium size components.


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