Separate and individualize components or products quickly and efficiently with flexible feeding systems. And if you can’t find the part, don’t worry, Cyber Picker will take care of it.


+ Atop the Flexibowl CyberPicker vision system detects the separated parts and guides the robot to the perfect picking position. 

+ CyberPicker fully controls the flexible feeding system in order to optimize feeding rates. 

+ Remote Desktop control assistance which guarantees full support anywhere. 


FlexiBowl® is currently available with different bowl sizes: 350, 500, 650, 800 inner diameter.

The working principle is very simple and straightforward: parts dispensed by the hopper fall onto the Flexibowl surface and are separated through the combined actuation of servomotor and impulse generator.

Key elements

Quick overview of CyberPicker key elements. These are features that give Added Value to CyberPicker. For specific technical information about CyberPicker and how it can fit into your production, please contact us.

Flexible Feeding Technology
Powerful Vision System
Full Service Solution
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