COVID-19. Chambers for measuring body temperature

The measurement of the human body temperature is a metrologically demanding application. In industry, normally a small error in temperature measurement (e.g. 2°C) does not lead to alarms due to false detections. This is not the case when measuring the temperature of the human body by contact, where the risk is the non-detection of a healthy and a sick person.
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Unlike conventional thermographic cameras on the market, thermographic cameras for measuring body temperature have high sensitivity and precise calibration with real-time correction using a black body.

Due to the high global risk of spreading infectious diseases (the current risk of Coronavirus), it has developed a “plug & play” thermography solution for scanning facial temperature: Workswell MEDICAS.

Vision Online SL, specialist in industrial solutions based on artificial vision and thermography, distributes Workswell MEDICAS equipment.

This solution is based on continuous real time calibration using a black body radiation source for high accuracy and stability, thermal (640×512 px) and RGB camera.


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The Workswell MEDICAS thermal camera measures the temperature of the human skin, and is effective when the body temperature rises, for example, due to a viral infection. The average body temperature at the skin surface of a healthy human is in the range of approximately 35.8°C to 37°C.

If the body temperature (measured at the surface) exceeds 37°C, this may be an overheating of the body or a defensive reaction of the immune system to the body’s infection (here the surface temperature may increase by up to 4°C, i.e. up to 41°C).

Accuracy: ± 0.3°C (temperature accuracy according to the black reference body)

The kit contains:

Measuring camera head with lens, focusing adapter, lens protection cover, black body calibration source, black body calibration certificate, black body ball adapter, Micro SD card, 5m Micro HDMI cable, 2x power supply adapter, 1x software license for additional desktop data analysis, wireless keyboard, USB micro OTG, quick start guide and hard carrying case.


Due to the increased temperature of the skin surface, the thermal camera can be used to detect symptomatic cases of virtually all types of viral (standard flu or, for example, the wuhan virus, sars) or bacterial (common angina) diseases in humans (swine flu, SARS, coronavirus, H5N1, avian flu, etc.).

The thermal camera has a temperature resolution of 30 mK (0.03°C). Determining the temperature change in the case of a sick person (compared to a black body reference source) of 1°C is a relatively simple matter, even considering all conceivable uncertainties. For automatic detection, the ISOTHERM function can be used, which is set to an alarm temperature.

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  • MEDICAS runs a TCP/IP server for control and can be controlled with simple text commands
  • MEDICAS has an RTSP server for the transmission of thermal and visible video.
  • MEDICAS has an open FTP server for data management
  • MEDICAS can be supplied as a stand-alone SMART device with connection via HDMI or as a fully integrated device via TCP/IP or RTSP
  • MEDICAS can be easily integrated into any CCTV circuit or company network for 24/7 body scan inspection


The standard LWIR infrared measurement works with an accuracy of +-2 °C, which is not at all acceptable for this type of application.

Workswell MEDICAS is a unique IR camera based system, which is calibrated in real time in a black body and provides exceptional accuracy of ±0.3 °C (compared to the standard thermal camera value of ±2 °C).

Thanks to this measurement accuracy, fever can be detected by providing a double visual alarm on the warning temperature (37 °C) and the critical temperature (above 38 °C). A system operator can easily recognize a person with fever.


About COVID-19 Coronavirus and its prevention

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease caused by a new virus. Symptoms range from a mild cough to pneumonia. Some people recover easily, others may become ill very quickly. There is no treatment. There is evidence that it spreads from person to person. Good hygiene can prevent infection.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that people who suspect they are carrying the virus wear a surgical face mask and seek medical advice by calling a doctor rather than visiting a clinic in person. Like any other infection, Coronavirus infection is characterised by symptoms, incubation period, death rate, age, sex and death conditions.