Hot solution unifies in one system all inspections and process controls that hot forming requires. CQI-9 and Industry 4.0-ready.


+ One control cabinet with a touch screen and graphic user interface for all relevant controls: thermography, position and status and alarms.

+ Position control of blanks in the mold.

+ Thermographic vision system for blank temperature control and pressed part verification.


+ Image and data logging into a data base.

+ Data communication interface to external servers and remote data management application.

Quality control and Productivity improvements for hot forming presses.

Key elements

Quick overview of Hot key elements. These are features that give Added Value to Hot. For specific technical information about Hot and how it can fit into your production, please contact us.

Blank position control in die
Blank & part temperature verification
CQI-9 compliant
Industry 4.0 ready
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