Thermal imaging cameras for body temperature measurement have high sensitivity and accurate calibration with real-time correction by means of a black body.



+ Unlike conventional thermographic cameras on the market, thermographic cameras for measuring body temperature have high sensitivity and precise calibration with real-time correction using a black body.

+ Thermal camera measures the temperature of the human skin, and is effective when the body temperature rises, for example, due to a viral infection. The average body temperature at the skin surface of a healthy human is in the range of approximately 35.8°C to 37°C.


+ Due to the increased temperature of the skin surface, the thermal camera can be used to detect symptomatic cases of virtually all types of viral (standard flu or, for example, the wuhan Covid virus, Sars) or bacterial (common angina) diseases in humans (swine flu, SARS, coronavirus, H5N1, avian flu, etc.).

+ At Cretec Cybernetics we offer several options, Workswell Medicas, Automation Technology FebriScan or Mobotix.

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High Resolution Image
Full Integration Option
Real Time Analysis
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