Cretec Cybernetics + Borg Warner

Strategic step with many advantages. Of the few vision software platforms available with powerful image processing libraries for global use, Cretec GmbH of Büdingen and Borg Warner Turbo Systems of Kirchheimbolanden have jointly integrated the Halcon vision software as a complete standard solution for their PC-based automation platform TurboPCS.

The development, installation, parameterisation, maintenance, 100% traceability, scalable transfer of the vision automation solutions and the global audit trail enable a much more efficient design of the automation solutions.

This significantly increases the flexibility of assembly production in terms of quality, speed of cycles to shipment. Once applications have been created or parameters have been changed, they can be centrally monitored and modified at any time, regardless of the current configuration. If, for example, a higher resolution or colour camera is needed for a higher quality requirement, this upgrade can be implemented very quickly.

For this approach, Cretec Cybernetics GmbH from Büdingen, with its extensive know-how in image processing and corporate communication, contributed both in a consulting capacity and hand in hand with Borg Warner’s technicians and programmers to the integration of Halcon into the TurboPCS system. This was followed step-by-step by vision application solutions for an entire production line fully integrated into TurboPCS, including many complex requirements in quality compliance, flexibility and communication.