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A turn-key solution provider, Cretec Cybernetics supports numerous customers in many different sectors.

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We help to grow profitable business, by improving quality controls and processes for your fast ROI (Return On Invest). See examples of Cretec Cybernetics turn-key solutions and automation applications for your market or industry sector.


Aeronautics industry materials like carbon-fibre are most high-end and requiere exhaustive quality checks to make aircraft maximum safe.


100% quality inspected parts just in time at the assembly line have been at the core of driving machine vision technology for the past decades.


Completeness absence/presence checks are vital in electronic assembly just as traceability applications.

Food Beverage

Growing customer expectations regarding food safety imply adding controls and verification technology at many process levels.

Health Care

Human health products are a growing segment for technology-based solutions that offer precision and reliability.



From transport media to product traceability, modern logistics require technology driven control and tracking solutions.


Pharmaceutic production requires 100% quality.Checking containers, bottles, fill-levels, blisters, batch codes, all based on machine vision. 


Machine vision enables robots to act more human-like. Camera-based solutions to enhance robot capabilities.


Modern high-speed full automatic sorting could not be realized without cutting-edge control technologies, cameras seeing faster than human eyes.

Track & Trace

100% Product Traceability enables process improvements in many industries, as automotive, logistics, pharma, food&beverage.


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