Spectral Vision

Multi-spectral technologies that enable many different solutions with infrared or ultra-violett light, seeing things human eyes can’t perceive.


+ IR cameras verify the proper functioning of electrical heating elements (application example). 

+ Our IR cameras measure the surface temperature and compare it with the pattern. Detected deviations are used to regulate the heating elements.

+ Supports a wide variety of excitation sources such as halogen lamps, flash, laser, ultrasound, Eddy Current, …


+ Hyperspectral cameras provide chemical signature images allowing materials segmentation 

+ Pre-defined inspection parameters for most common materials

Key elements

Quick overview of Spectral Vision key elements. These are features that give Added Value to Spectral Vision. For specific technical information about Spectral Vision and how it can fit into your production, please contact us.

Infrared & Thermal Vision
Hyperspectral Imaging
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