Palet Control

Modular machine vision system inspects pallets and pallet accessories as rubber knobs, thus making sure only fully functional pallets are put into service.


+ Detections of missing parts of the pallet or alien objects.

+ Alien objects in the perimeter of the pallet and any other not desired object that might interfere with correct usability.

+ Missing material due to break of structural parts.


+ Rubber knobs are mounted to the pallet in order to prevent the keg from sliding off. Presence of the anti-sliding rubber knobs is verified by the sytem.

+ Missing or cut centering knobs can not hold the keg safely on the pallet, thus their presence and goog state needs to be controlled.

+ Efficient detection of external elements that might disturb the automatic precessing of the pallets, like shrink foil or similar

Key elements

Quick overview of PaletControl key elements. These are features that give Added Value to PaletControl. For specific technical information about PaletControl and how it can fit into your production, please contact us.

Fully automated system
Structural integrity and missing components
Easy to use GUI
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