Our EasyPalleteizer depalletises easily and effectively.


+ Easy to Use!
Simple and intuitive: You only enter the size of the box to be depalletized and a central position atop the loaded pallet and the system does the rest. EasyPallet set-up is done via a visual graphic interface.

+ What makes Easypallet versatile?
The system adapts to sizes, imperfections, colours, logos and many more box features. Easy Palletizer allows you to work with any robot brand or model. An optional z-axis helps working large heights even with limited range robots.

+ Cost-effective low-end version available!
Easy Palletizer identifies box positions and orientations with machine vision. For many applications a “light” version uses a very cost-effective vision system, which makes automatic vision guided de-palletizing attainable.



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Key elements

Quick overview of EasyPalletizer key elements. These are features that give Added Value to EasyPalletizer. For specific technical information about EasyPalletizer and how it can fit into your production, please contact us.

Easy to Use
Interprets colours, boxes, and others​

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